State Wars Finals (18) Returns To Taylor MI!

by Dan Maxwell

State Wars Returns to Hockey Town!

State Wars Hockey is excited to be returning to the beautiful Taylor Sportsplex in Michigan this coming summer. The Sportsplex houses 3 NHL sized air conditioned rinks in its gorgeous facility. The Taylor Sportsplex is less than 10 minutes from the Detroit Metro airport!

Back in 2017 we hosted State Wars at the Taylor Sportsplex and at that time we had set our all time record of # of teams (320 teams back then). We expect to shatter that record next summer as we are already hearing from many of our international partners who plan to finally get back to State Wars this summer!

Over the past two years we have been limited on our international support at State Wars. Luckily we have been in contact with the majority of these countries that plan to be at State Wars this summer! Teams from across Canada, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Namibia, and Australia are planning on being in Michigan this summer for the BIG show!

Any questions please reach out to


We had hoped to get back to our old school system of running tryouts this year but with the ongoing issues caused by COVID 19 and the difficulty for our staff to travel and plan in advance for tryouts all across North America, we will be sticking with the system for entering teams we have used the past two years.

Any coach or captain may enter their own team into State Wars but MUST follow the below registration requirements.

  • all skaters must live in the same state/province for all North American teams. 
  • goalies are the only exception to residence requirement above.
  • no team is officially registered for State Wars until entry fee is paid.
  • all teams must have MATCHING home AND away jerseys.

CLICK HERE to register your team for State Wars

6u & 8u teams are OPEN to all players

All players eligible for the 6u and 8u divisions (2013 & under) are NOT required to follow residence rules. Players in these divisions can play for ANY team regardless of where they live.

All Open Divisions will bring their own teams

As in years past, coaches/captains will enter their own teams to play in the OPEN divisions at State Wars. The OPEN divisions consist of : Senior AA, Senior A/B, Juggernaut ('01 & younger), Junior ('98 & younger), Womens, Girls, 35+, 45+, and 55+.

In these divisions all players must still live in the same state/province (goalies are only exception) but they will enter their own team. Teams will also wear their own matching uniforms.


6 & under July 29 - 31

8 & under July 28 - 30

2012 July 26 - 28

2011 July 24 - 26

2010 July 19 - 22

2009 July 23 - 26

2008 July 21 -24

2007 July 19 - 22

2006 July 20 - 23

2005 July 19 - 22

2004 July 23 - 26

Juggernaut ('01 & younger) July 27 - 29

Junior ('98 & younger) July 25 - 27

Senior AA July 28 - 31

Senior A/B July 29 - Aug 1

Masters 35 & over July 30 - Aug 1

Masters 45 & over July 30 - Aug 1

Masters 55 & over July 30 - Aug 1

Womens July 23 - 25

Girls July 26 - 28

PAMA Pro Invitational July 22 - 24

go to for more info about State Wars


We know there are many players out there who look forward to their state or provincial tryout, as they do not play year round with a specific travel team. That is ok, State Wars is for EVERYONE. If you are looking to play but do not know of a local team planning to come, please fill out your info on our FREE AGENT LIST. 

We will be reviewing all players on this list with our local state and provincial representatives. If a player is a free agent with no team, we may place them on a team out of state


WHY PLAY AT STATE WARS ... really ???

  • it is the LARGEST inline hockey tourney in the World
  • chance to play teams from ALL across North America & the rest of the world. In 2019, 11 different countries participated!
  • youth teams guaranteed 5 games minimum
  • FREE live streaming of games
  • Skills Competition for fastest skater, most accurate shooter, top snipers and best goalies
  • Custom medals, sets of wheels and awesome hats to all winners
  • AAA, AA, A winners in majority of divisions
  • most youth divisions are by single birth year
  • Amazing award light show production
  • Individual Awards for high scorer, MVG, MVP and best defensive
  • online LIVE standings and individual career stats
  • home of the PAMA Pro Invitational : worlds best pro division
  • supported by all of the main companies in the game : Mission/Bauer, Tour Hockey, Marsblade, Labeda, Konixx, Rink Rat, Champion Wheels, CarShield, Stilmat, Top Shelf Targets, Monkey Sports, Pure Hockey, JORD watches, Tovi and RHA.